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Catálogo de productos

MANE membrane technology is now producing soft capsules which constitute reservoirs of actives compatible with high water activity formulations.
Grupo: Farmacéuticos
The MANE flavors tradition has been built on the art and science of creating superb tastes. A powerful resource, our full service cutting edge flavor solutions, seasonings blends and unique delivery systems approach provides you with expertise for designing sweet to savory profile systems to meet...
Grupo: Aceite cosmético
The world of…Creativity We believe in the bewitching power of fragrances… the mix of precious natural essential oils and innovative molecules… We believe that only passionate artists and people can develop the most beautiful, innovative and high quality creations… We believe in our clients’...
Grupo: Aceites para masaje
For four generations, MANE has transmitted its principles and know-how and invested in capital intensive technologies to bring the best of what Nature can provide. Because we believe that one cannot create quality flavors and fragrances without using the best grades of natural products. It is...
Grupo: Aceite vegetal
MANE matrix encapsulation technologies allow us to design delivery systems of actives and fragrances that provide performance and unique sensory benefits to your personal care products.
Grupo: Materia prima para los materiales farmacéuticos
The Oral Care Business Unit was created for the purpose of centralizing the development strategy of “Oral Care” flavors. This unit includes experts from our four departments - design, sensory analysis, marketing and application / evaluation - who work together to satisfy effectively the demand of...
Grupo: suplementos alimenticos


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